The Luxe for Less

Good Morning Readers,

Now you may have read the tittle and thought to yourself, 'What is he going on about?'. Well, i've been after some nice new wrist accessories, but just without the whooping, heart attack price tags. This is where the Australian Company ThePeachBox comes into the picture. They are located in Australia, but offer International shipping (to selected countries) and supply jewellery for that chic, modern and edgy customer.  

I've only had the chance to order one piece off them and haven't had the chance to take it off, it's become a permanent resident on my current wrist at this moment. What I ordered was the 'Twisted Nail Bangle' which for those of you who know their high end jewellery, understand that an original cartier piece as such has a hefty price tag included. The shipping was around 3-4 days, where opening the parcel, there was a black box with the print 'ThePeachBox' in metallic silver font. Upon opening the box, the bracelet was within a small black drawstring bag. I almost forgot to mention, these accessories are stainless steel, which means that they don't rust under water! BONUS

Now this is the best part! The bracelet cost me $30.60 with Free Delivery. Cause, if you sign-up today to ThePeachBox's VIP Mailing List, you get not only 10% off your first purchase, but also Free Delivery. Pretty exciting news, right?
Whether you're after that Kylie Jenner cartier arm look? or just simply after something with a little edge, ThePeachBox is definitely the place to look into. Also, don't forget to have a look into their Instagram account as they are currently holding an ultimate giveaway! 

I'd love to hear what you guys purchased!

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