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Good Morning Readers, 

I'm on holidays just for the Easter Break and i've decided to spice up my decor around my room. Let me just say that Kikki-k is always my first stop, when it comes down to finding clean and crisp designs to compliment my workspace. There's always some tips that help me decide on how my workspace will look like, so lets begin.

1. KEEP IT SIMPLE; this means staying to a colour/tone theme. Have a little fun with this one, nothing says more about yourself than the colours that surround you through each and every day. 

2. SIZING; I know that sometimes during retail therapy that you just buy each and every object that your eyes glance upon, but when it comes to creating that glorious workspace that will inspire you to work on each day, it comes down to the sizes of what you are purchasing. No one wants a workspace that they can't work on, so make sure that you are buying objects that compliment the size of your desk.

3. CATEGORIES; let's say that you buy a magazine holder, two small boxes, a picture frame and a cup holder. When it comes to categories you are looking to place these objects in an order that will make them suit one another. Beginning with placing objects that relate to another, rather than randomly placing them in an unorganised fashion. Where using the technique about, we also want the size the objects, so that they appeal to the eye and create a great flow within the workspace. Starting with the Magazine holder, then maybe placing the small boxes upon each other, where moving onto the cup holder and then the picture frame. Understanding that the picture frame isn't related to the other objects, that's why it is placed at the end of the workspace. 

These are just my little tips on what to look out for when creating or even renovating your workspace. I'd love to know where you guys shop and any tips that you have when creating your workspace. 
images: kikki-k

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