What's Involved In A Successful Market Stall?

With the daily grind of hoarded wardrobes (definitely in my case), I regularly find myself rotating my clothes. That I rely a lot on fashion-specific markets.

These markets are where people far and wide, come to sell anything from a classic tea cup to Ralph Lauren. People attending these markets are after anything - for a bargain.

Some markets that I've sold at are:

•  Camberwell Market ($60 for a stall space)
•  Wantirna Trash and Treasure ($40 for a stall space)

Saying that, just because you are selling to the targeted market, that doesn't mean that you've made the most that you can, these simple tips can help maximise any market stall.

With making those $$$ at markets, by putting some time and effort into preparation - I never leave with less than $350

So, based on my own observations of being a fashion market junkie, I have created a checklist for anyone who is about to undergo their own fashion market stall.

  1.  The Down Low

The days leading up to the Market Day, you should get the following together and ready to go:

•  Sewing kit, just something small with: clips, safety pins etc...
•  Cash for a float, usually I bring $20 in $1 coins & $50 in $5 notes
•  A calculator
•  A box to hold your cash
•  Notepad and pen
•  Plastic bags, customers tend to buy more when they know they can put their purchases in bag that you provide
•  Water and small snacks, you usually don't get time to buy food as people walk around markets from open to close
•  Folding chairs unless provided
•  Full length mirror

   2.  Pricing and Categorising 

I like to go to the local $2 shop and buy plain white tags. This adds that professional look, as most people expect to see prices either tagged on individual items or signs to guide them as to what the price would or could be.

Having the individual prices on items, people tend to feel more comfortable "bargaining" and also it lets people load up on items they can see are already to their bargain prices.

   3.  Socialising

When you walk into a store and the person working ignores you, how does that make you feel?

Making your customers be aware that you are there to help, lets them not hesitate to ask questions. Even a simple "hello", or "how are you", engages with the customer, welcoming them to spend more time browsing, rather than brushing your stall off.

   4.  Merchandising

Presentation is everything, let's say someone wants a red t-shirt, having an organised stall makes it easier for that person to find that red t-shirt. Chances are that if they can't find what they want, then why should they stay?

My racks, are coloured coordinated, the clothes are clean, individually tagged and all hanged on the same colour coat hanger (wooden hangers normally pull of a more professional look).

The amount of people that randomly, hang un-ironed clothing on wire coat hangers, through anything into tubs and don't label their stall, tend to be the sellers that try to clear everything at $1 at the end of the day and still leave the market with over 70% of what they bought in to sell.

Also another successful tip would be to organise your items in categories. I put my jacket's & jumpers on racks, fold t-shirts and lay them out on a table and place shoes under a table on a shoe rack.

P.S. It pays to have a table cloth over your trestle table and small accessories to add personality to your stall.

   5.  Patience & Flexibility

People don't come to markets to pay full price, its all about the bargain - so be prepared.

When someone buys two or more items, I tend to offer a discount (people spend more, when they feel as though they are being offered a special discount)

However, you've started this day with the main goal of coming home with an empty car!

Perhaps i'll offer a $5 discount on all jackets for an hour, creating a sense of urgency. This always gets more people into the stall, with a higher interest in everything that i've got to sell.

Never let someone come over and get their way, always make sure that you never sell an item that you know has value for a desperate price. 

Have you got any handy tips? or even some questions, I'd love to hear from you guys

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