Little Known Ways to DeStress

We can all admit it, that life these day's is stressful. With constant struggle of growing up, moving out etc, life as we know it, never reflects the dream life. Moving on to where I thought i'd share a few tips  that help me avoid that nagging old soul 'stress'. 


I know this seems like the last thing that someone looking to reduce their stress levels would be appealed towards, but maintaining a goal and the gratitude that comes from the completion of a single goals, will boost anyone's self-esteem. It may be a small goal, for example, setting dates to get each part of your university assignment completed by, this as whole will let you think more about the dates you have set, so that you do not leave your whole assignment the day before its due.
Just remember to never set your goals out too big, as this will only cause you to constantly overthink your day and what more needs to be done, rather than pacing out time as it goes.
What I personally find personally hand is a Goals book, which is always a good way to keep all your goals, big or small, organised, where it shows you all your goals, completed or to be completed, within one area. 


Ok, so lately i've been going to weekly yoga classes and i've noticed such a difference in my stress levels. If you didn't already know, I'm currently studying my second year of my degree and also juggle a part-time job, squeezing in revision and assignments where possible. 
With yoga, its all about calming the mind, with meditation, I find that forming a programme aids in making sure that you've got the time of the day to complete a session of your own length. As yoga is a form of exercise, you are getting those endorphins to aid stress-relief and aid in mood. Giving your mind time off from thinking will ultimately reduce your stress levels.

To Do List

Think about that satisfaction you get when crossing an item off your to do list. Keeping a to do list, gives you the oppurtunity to create a balance in a busy schedule to see where you stand and what needs to be completed. A simple list and tick off system works for me, but some people might like to go out and buy notebooks that are 'to do list' themed, whatever the case, it's what you personally prefer. 
Now the secret is, never start your to do list with big or heavy tasks, that being like 'Read the whole Harry Potter Collection', start with smaller tasks, such as creating a category for an assignment, then underneath listing the tasks that need to be completed, where you can tick off and see how far you are into the task, rather than just labelling it 'university assignment' and then having to complete the whole assignment and tick it off when completed. The idea of creating sub-categories, gives you the peace of mind that you are at least moving towards completing a task that you are working on. 

I'd love to hear from you guys if you are using any of these tools, but also if you've got any strategies that you personally use and find useful?

image credit: migoals